Jewish Marketing Solutions Announces Launch of New Upgraded Complete Marketing Package

Jewish Marketing Solutions announced today the launch of a new, upgraded complete marketing package directed towards the Jewish communities in the United States and London.

The package includes online advertising & banner campaigns, online sales promotions such as coupons & special deals, lead generation and online referral service solutions, top of the line SEO services, social media marketing & production, web design and enhancement including development & hosting. Other added values they offer are: Google local listing, promoting your services on Twitter, offline Referral Service and our unique “Need a Lawyer” & “Need a Contractor” programs. Participants of these two programs are guaranteed a weekly list of 5-25 leads.

Mr. Avi Shefi, President of Jewish Marketing Solutions, stated, “As a leading marketing solutions company for more than 20,000 small businesses nationwide, I’m pleased to announce that we have completed a successful transition from the printed yellow page directories to the new leading medias of the world. We are now proudly helping our customers nationwide to place names & information of their businesses and about their products not only in front of the entire Jewish communities but all over the internet. At this point, we are still printing a ‘paper’ Jewish directory to serve the senior citizen communities as well as the ultra Orthodox families that will not allow internet in their homes,” further states Mr. Shefi.

Andrea Kumar, head of the Jewish Referral Service team added, “The new version of the Jewish Referral Service combined with the significant amount of traffic our team directs toward our website, has generated an increasing and impressing amount of leads that the Jewish Referral Service is disseminating to the small businesses who participate in our various programs. Of course, we are still receiving demands nationwide through our offline Referral Service.”


About Jewish Marketing Solutions

We are a well-established advertising and marketing firm assisting businesses in their growth and success for over two decades. Jewish Marketing Solutions focuses on online campaigns and initiatives that help our clients achieve world class results.
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